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    Trouble installing, please help!

    Hey there everyone, first time poster here!

    I am trying to get into linux but im having a really big problem, i just downloaded the latest ubuntu, 6.10 i belive.

    I burnt it to a CD as per normal, and booted off disc and went to install it, but then as the progress bar is moving it will either come to a halt and just basicly freeze with a few graphic glitches, or if i play around with the resolution i get this error "xserver could not be started"

    I do not know how to install ubuntu! arh can someone please help me, here are my pc specs if that helps

    AMD 64 3200+
    1024mb ram
    ATi Sapphire x800GTO 256mb

    anything else wouldn't cause problems, i have plenty of hdd space, and no wireless devices.

    Any help would be great i really wanna get into the linux world!

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    Well i'm not sure what's going on, (more specifics about where the progress bar is, eg finished? partway? would help).

    But my stab at it seems like what was plaguing my nvida 6600GT.

    Steps to resolve (or at least try)

    1)boot cd
    2)highlight second entry
    3)Hit F6 (so you can edit the commands it boots on)
    4)delete "quiet splash --" * Note : no " "
    5) add "break=bottom" * Note : no " "
    6) should show you whats happening
    7) if you get a line in which to type stuff type
    chroot /root nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf
    Add the words Load "Vesa" to modules, and change the driver for your graphics card to say Driver "Vesa"
    9) Ctrl-X to save
    10) go yes (to saving)
    should put you back to that terminal
    11) type exit

    Now it should continue and boot. PS leave the resolutions alone when you are doing this.

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    ATI and LInux can be a pain. Does your motherboard have onboard video? If so, you could pull the ATI card, check your bios to make sure it'll go to the onboard video, then try again. If Ubuntu sails thru you know it's the ATI card. You can then google for more answers on configuring that card. On the other hand, bojo's instructions might get you going. I don't know the exact steps but have seen lots of posts where similar instructions were given to ATI users.

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