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    Question Ubuntu as a server

    I am all new to linux so bear with me please.

    I think i have downloaded the latest version of ubuntu (I dont have access to my pc at the moment with work commitments) but i hoping to use it as small local server.

    I was previously using windows XP home (SPIT) and just had a shared folder for my dads mac and my borthers windows PC to stick files.

    I want things to get little more complexed now though! (its a hobby)

    On my dads mac there are 3 accounts at the log in, previously i just createda short cut to the respective shared folder on my "server" same for my brothers computer. this was effective and simple but anyone could view anyones files as there was no individual log in to view the folders on the "server".

    Is ubuntu capable of having a more secure user directory and acting as a server whilst still been suitable asa desktop workstation?

    I would also like to make the server available over WAN as i work away lots. however previous attempts have failed. I have tried setting a dynamic DNS address, and setting the net gear router to forward all incoming connections to my computers ip. It hasnt worked. Any suggestions welcome.

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    I want things to get little more complexed now though! (its a hobby)
    Welcome to the club where that satisfied feeling of a task completed comes with a nagging sense that if you tore it all out you'd be able to rebuild it so much better.

    On to your question:

    I use ubuntu as a server and it does just fine. Setting up Samba to require passwords is quite easy. The simplest way is to create user accounts on the Ubuntu server for each of the other users. Mostly this is to provide home directories. Next add them to samba with smbpasswd. Change the security setting on Samba from share to user and uncomment the [homes] share to activate it. Restart Samba and you should be good to go.

    Each user will be prompted for their username and password when they connect and will be given access to a single directory called their username. You ought to be able to google up some of the finer points, but this should get you started:

    For remote access I use dyndns to track my IP. The simplest thing after that is to use sshd to allow remote access and file transfer. I personally use openVPN 'cos it's easier than using port forwarding in ssh.

    If you give us a rough idea of what you'd like to set up then well be able to advise you further.

    Let us know how you get on,

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    looking for lamp

    if you want to install ubuntu lamp in less than 30min check here

    hope this helps

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