Ok My lan browsing doesn't work. It thinks for some reason that my remote server is a file. weird I know. I get the glass breaking .wav. Kids laugh I am annoyed.

I dl smb4k it opens but won't browse unless I type this in a shell

sudo smb4k

then I get a login prompt and I can logg in as the user on the server adn get to my shares.

How do i fix this. This is an out of box install.

once I start smb4k as sudo then I can play somgs and watch movies over the lan.

I can't use that OEM places because I can't start those as sudo.

I think it has something to do with smbmnt but I changed perms and that didn't fix it so I changed it back.

Any ideas.

Oh by the way I have a debian box and a centos box and a mac box and they all work so it isn't a permissions or samba issue on the server.

I really like the ubuntu though it is my favorite so far except for the lan browsing issue.