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    Question All I wanted was to Dual boot XP and Kubuntu :(

    Hello guys,
    I am a newbie Linux user as you can see on the left.
    Here is my problem, I hope you can help me with:
    I was trying to install Linux (Kubuntu 6.06.1).First I rebooted with Linux System Rescue CD and ran QTParted.I had C (where Windows XP was installed),D,E drives with NTFS format.I resized E, deleted D, and created ext3, linux-swap and FAT32 partitions on the extended partition.After I loaded Windows XP, at first FAT32 partition I created was not recognized by the system,then I saw it in a few minutes with the letter E.As you can guess my previous resized E drive with NTFS format was gone.I rebooted with LSR CD and ran QTParted again. My resized E partition was there with the same name (dev/hda6), with the format, UNKNOWN. I managed to recover my files with Handy Recover 3.0 except a DVD Image with size of 7GB. The error is ***. I can think of mounting that hda6 unknown labeled partition as NTFS and copying it to the FAT32 partition but I don't know how to. I dont wanna lose that DVD image forever. Can somebody show me a way please?

    ***the error:
    WARNING: File does not belong to volume/partition.
    Volume size: 0x0000000001d7ab7f sectors
    Cluster size: 512
    Current sector: 0x0000000001d7ab7e

    ERROR: Can't recover the file "My DVD.nrg".

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    Your old E would probably be renamed D, since it'll now be the second partition detected.

    When you resized E, did you enlarge it or shrink it? If you shrank it to an amount smaller than the used amount then you may have killed off part of the dvd file.
    (E.g. if E had 20GB of data, and you resized it to 18GB, then 2GB data was erased).

    But since the file format is "Unknown" to qtparted, the partition may have been damaged when you resized it. While this isn't extremely common when resizing partitions, it is still definitely possible. That's why it's generally wise to back-up data before resizing etc.

    Since the format is unknown, I don't think you'll be able to mount it or rw to it.
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