I have currently bought a ethernet card for my old hp desktop (192 mb ram, 500HZ processor, cd drive.) I used to have Fedorra 4 on ths computer and before that i had Windows 98. Like an idiot i tried to uninstall fedora and put windows back on the computer. I did this because the cd with the ethernet was only for windows and i was stupid enough to not just search on teh internet for a driver (which i later found). So once that i reformatted the HD and nothing was working at all i figured why not try a new OS, so i decided to download teh ISO image for ubuntu and burn them to a disk. After this i made a 98 boot disk and reformatted once again to make sure the HD was completely empty.

So i now put the unbuntu image in the cd drive (bios configured to boot from cd) then i turn on the computer.
I get to the main screen and i say start and install. shortly after this a bunch of command lines wiz by and it stops.

the final line reads:
<0>kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill the idle task!

so i retry and the same problem occurs over and over. even after another HD format.

Can anyone help me with this since i would liek to get this computer back up and runing.