Hi people,

Someone's just given me a disc from the new Linux mag,which has something called "Edgy eft" on it.

I was wondering how easy it is to get TV-out working from my ati 9800pro card with this particular flavour of linux.

It works perfectly from windows XP after 3 or 4 clicks to enable it,and as so many folks in these places take every opportunity to diss microsoft,(including myself occasionally,incidentally),I'm assuming it must be even easier to do in linux.

However,having already tried fruitlessly in everything from Knoppix to Suse 10,and seemingly most "distro's" in between,I'm very rapidly losing any faith I may have had in linux being capable of even doing this fundamental operation,as it would be completely useless to me without such a capability.

Having left old fashioned dos type commands behind about 20 years ago for point & click,I'm very rusty,but will do my best if that's the only option.

Any help much appreciated.