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    Exclamation EdWh

    I have ordered in the Ubuntu cd, from and will install as soon as practical. I have some concerns, the most pressing is that I do not have broadband, so I contacted phone company here [Verison ] who are offering a Dsl service and it is about the only reasonable priced service available to me.
    However after I ordered it they checked my setup over the phone line and said I was o.k. for the service but here is the rub. After thinking about it overnight I did not tell them that I was going to put Ubuntu on my hard drive with Windows and after contacting them and what a experience that is. They advised the service has only been configured for Windows and Mac and my objective is to be able to use it with Linux. The modem stores my account number and phone number or so I guess but the problem of course is the software on c.d.

    I do not have the make of the modem as yet but will when it arrives. Is there a way to have Ubuntu configure the modem? I will not install Ubuntu until the Modem is up and running in Windows.
    I have no experience with Linux other than running Lindows and Xandros for a short time but Lindows applications are poor and Xandros ran so slowly in downloading (1.2 to 1.9kbs) as compared to Windows, 3.4 to 4.6kbs I could not live with it, and I had other problems with Xandros. I also have a concern with the dual boot as where to install. The hard drive is NTFS formatted on the free 39 Gb. Partition. Sorry to be so long winded.

    Can anyone give me advise at this point and please, please I have no experience with command prompts, so need help with this.
    Thank You. Ed.

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    Are you sure it is "DSL", not "aDSL"?
    First, you can search on the Internet for similar experience to use Linux for that company's DSL service. You can also refer the following how-to:
    Hope this help.

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    Exclamation EdWh- Reply to Ah-lam

    Thanks for the info, copied down your suggestions and will follow up.
    My main concern was that I would be able to setup modem in Linux and I guess from everything I have read that I will but it may take some time but that is o.k.
    Do not want to pay for a service I cannot use of course!!! Thanks. Ed.

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    I have no idea what modem Verison send you but I suspect it will be some cheap usb crap, my advice would be to get a proper modem/router with ethernet ports for you to plug your computer into.

    Quote Originally Posted by EdWh
    They advised the service has only been configured for Windows and Mac
    FUD, anything that can be connected through ethernet is not rocket science, it will "just work"

    just read through their stuff here and it would seem that the equipment they send you uses ethernet so it should be a straight forward plug in operation
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    Thumbs up EdWh reply to towy71

    Thanks for info, checked Verizons page, and I checked it before ordering dsl but it is for Win and Mac, no Linux. Modem has been received has ports for, Ethernet, USB, DSL. Am not sure, but is noted as Verizon ASL2+. Nat combo 0/35 PPPOE. Appears to be a dual but they forgot to put installation cd and instructions so have to wait for that. I am waiting for my Ubuntu Cd from Amazon and it will not arrive for few days. Thanks for the help, could be as you say junk, only time will tell. If you know of modem that can be purchased to operate on Verizon dsl for reasonable price, let me know where and price, keeping in mind that I have one machine that will run on Windows for sometime to come so I do not put all eggs in one basket so it will have to operate on Windows also. Thanks. Ed.

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