Ok, I got the printer installed and all looks good except that the printer wont print. On the LCD screen of the printer it says it is recieving Data from the computer but it just hangs there and wont print. Im not sure what additional info will be needed to resolve this issue so just let me know and Ill post it.
By the way, this is the process I used.


Ok, I had to completely re install due to screwing up my x server, Dont ask lol, Anyway, for some reason I just cant get this printer to work. I have read many posts saying they got it to work but I havent found any that said how they did it. I have found possible solutions to this and I have followed them to the t, yet I cant get this printer to work. I have spent all day working with this, literally, I am sick of searching google and I have no more hair to pull out. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. Im using Ubuntu Edgy.

Not sure what I did but it is working. I wish I knew what I did so I could post it. I went through at least 10 different methods I found by searching google. Then I got pissed off and shut the computer down and when I restarted it, it worked just fine. Go figure lol