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    Partitioning Drives

    I decided that I would experiment with Ubuntu linux while Iím home for the holiday season, but Iíve run into what seems to be an insurmountable problem. Iíd like to run Ubuntu on my laptop, but I canít afford to reformat the hard drive to partition it, as I donít have any of the Windows reinstallation cdís with me. XP is a necessary evil, as most of the programs I require for school donít have linux or Mac equivalents. Is there any way to partition my hard drive without reformatting it? And what file system does Ubuntu (/linux in general?) use, as opposed to NFTS or FAT32, and how would I go about changing that new partition to the required file system?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    you can use GParted LiveCD. its one of the best Partition Manager. download and burn .iso image to CD and boot from it. you can resize/shrink Windows partitions through it.
    leave new space unpartitioned/free. during Ubuntu installation, select 'Unpartitioned/free space for install'. Installer will create/format partitions. Dual boot is default in all Linux distro.

    And what file system does Ubuntu (/linux in general?)
    most Linux distros including Ubuntu uses ext3 File System by default.

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    Swap Partitions and Choice of OS

    I have a few more questions that I'd be much obliged if someone answered. What is a swap partition and what dictates how large it has to be (I have 2 GB of RAM)?
    Does Ubuntu install with a program that will let me choose which OS to use at startup, or will I need to install one myself?


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    Hi Sky_Blue,
    Regarding swap partition you can read the below post : -

    Generally, you assign twice the size of your RAM size for the swap partition. But 2 GB of RAM is quite good enough and you may not need a swap partition.

    Ubuntu should install GRUB bootloader for you to choose the OS at startup.

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    Thanks everyone for your help, ubuntu is up and running on my laptop!


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