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    I Would Appreciate Some Help Concerning Themes

    i dont know how to get my themes that I install to get on the themes list!!! If someone could help me out with that i would be very greatful.

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    Are you using Gnome or KDE? If you're in Gnome, go to System -> Preferences -> Theme. There's a button that says Install Theme. Click on that, navigate to the directory where you downloaded your theme to and double-click on it. It will extract itself and you should get a message telling you whether it succeeded or failed.

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    Sometimes you have to restart the Themes program to refresh the list. When you drag the tar.gz/tar.bz2 file onto the Themes window, it should have an "Install" window pop up. This will extract the contents to ~/.themes. If it gives an error, it's most likely that the person that created it put the icons, theme, etc. inside of a tarball, and you have to manually place the folder in ~/.themes yourself.

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    i think i am going to have to do what Maninscarymask says

    i am lost...i download it to my desktop...then i extract it...then i go to my themes window and say install theme...i select the text document the theme consists of and it pops up saying "The format is invalid"...what have i done wrong in this process?!

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    Ah, there we are.

    Don't extract the file, that's what the Themes window does.

    Just select the file you downloaded, and it'll do the rest.

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    i didnt extract it

    well i didnt extract it and it still didnt work... is it a problem tht i get my themes from FRESHMEAT.NET??

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    Can you take a screenshot of the error? Just use the PrintScreen button on the top-right line of the keyboard, and it should automatically open up the screenshot window.

    On here, I think you use that little icon of a mountain above the text window.

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    here is the picture

    this may sound really stupid but how do i send you the pic...i tried to copy paste...but it just has the location...i tried to drag-and-drop and it just puts the location in there...i tried putting it as a attatchment and it is too big...sorry for the inconvenience... i tried what i knew how to do.

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    Wow, we're having a really tough day...

    Which theme were you trying to install? Got a link to it?

    All the steps I mentioned before should have gone through, so it's probably something with the theme package, or perhaps something's screwy on your themes directory.

    What you need to do is click "Alt-Printscreen" to get just the error window, not the whole desktop, then it should fit in here.

    If that doesnt' work, just PM me, and I'll help you through email or IM, if you want.

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    if you have AIM or GAIM then add me and send me a message..plz and thx...therwise ill try to get tht pic to ya!

    my GAIM is


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