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    I ran vobcopy, it is still slow as hell but it does run, first I ran it without options and now I have a .vob file. how do I burn this onto a disc?
    next I ran it with the mirror option like you suggested and now I have a folder with the same files that are on my DVD, what do I do with these? can I just drag and drop into a blank disk? K3B only seems to see .iso files and wont let me burn the folder onto my Disc. a little more direction would be helpful thank you.

    K_imisi I am sm sorry but I am a total newbie when it comes to Linux and I am still a little raw when it comes to the command line, I typed in what you showed me, substituting the DVD player name but it barked at me because the options were wrong, could you show me exactly how to type it in?

    just a curiosity, from what everyone is telling me it seems a simple as ripping an ISO and then burning it onto a disc, so how come every GUI program I have used to rip and burn an ISO have given me no results?

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    I realize this thread's a few weeks old but in case Dupmeister hasn't yet found a solution, I suggest using k9copy. I've tried all the methods described here and the one that I've had the most success with is k9copy. It has a couple of nice features like the ability to choose only the language that you would like to hear the movie in (to cut down on compression) and will automatically make the file suitable for a 4.7 GB DVD.

    Simply pop in the DVD you want to burn, click Open, k9copy will go through a process of extracting titles, languages, etc. then choose which titles and languages you'd like to keep and click Copy.

    Just a few hints: check the box marked "Keep Original Menus" in the DVD tab and the ones marked "Burn With k3b" and "Auto Burn" in the Settings tab.

    It sometimes takes me two or three tries to get a good working copy but this method has worked much better than any other I've tried. Good luck.

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    There should be many programs for making CDs after you run
    sudo apt-get install updates
    Just look for them in Add/Remove Programs.

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    You need to use the device node, like /dev/hdb or /dev/hdd
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