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    Ubuntu installer crash?

    No matter what I do from the ubuntu live cd, it crashes with a can't access tty error. This happens even when I try to check the cd's integrity.

    Do I just have a bad install disk?

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    It sounds like it to me.
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    yah im with virgil i think its just the install disk

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    I just downloaded and am running the ubuntu live cd (6.06) after not having fun with mandriva one.

    Advice that had been given me was:

    to verify the md5 sum (hash) of the .iso file before burning
    to burn the image at a very slow rate - I used 4x

    I found the Ubuntu page to be very helpful

    good luck!

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    Thanks I will try that.

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    Yeah I guess my image must be bad since it crashed in the middle of the checksums...

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    I'm stumped. I downloaded the image again. I checked the MD5 Sums. I burned it at a low speed. Absolutely nothing changed...

    My computer will boot to the Ubuntu cd menu... but anything I do from that menu (install, check cd integrity, whatever) it will display the loading screen for a bit, then drop to a 'busybox' command line.

    The error message is 'cannot access tty, job control stopped'.

    Any ideas at all? Can anyone tell me what tty is?

    edit: I'm trying to install 6.10 if that matters.

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    I've had a lot of problems trying to get ubuntu running. I have 2 c.d.'s of 6.06 (one that I burned and one from my friend who put it on his computer). It seems like it always wants to cause trouble. It works for me by the 3rd or 4th try though.

    But then again, i'm also having trouble getting a copy of windows xp working (tried 13 different discs and none work) Propobly my pos optical drive

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    Thats definitely not it for me, I have a pretty new computer and it runs windows perfectly. My optical drive has never shown any problems before.

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    What kind of computer do you have? What's your hardware?
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