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    Help connecting to network resource

    Ok so I have been getting along pretty well with learning Linux a little more and understanding everything better. The new issue that is bugging me is my networkability. I am not able to connect to my network and do anything. I am guessing I must be missing something or not have a certain library or package installed. When opening the Samba Shares folder I can see my network, but can not connect to it. Whenever I try to explore the network it just says the network timed out. I know there is no issue with the network though, since my Windows XP Virtual machine on this box can see the network and access it perfectly fine. The main reason I am trying to connect is that I have setup a NAS box on my network using FreeNAS - Now it does have multiple different available systems for accessing it. I am just wondering if maybe there is something easier for accessing this than Samba? And also some help so I can get Samba working so I can get a printer hooked up to this box!! Thanks!

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    I find your post a little confusing.

    1) make sure each box (linux && xp) can ping each other by IP address and name.

    2) make sure that you have a resource properly shared, be it printer or folder.

    3) it is more intuitive when both boxes belong to the same workgroup.

    Samba will do all that I presume you need.

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    Sorry I should have layed out my design better. I have a linux box running Kubuntu. On this box I also have a VMWare Virtual Machine Image running Windows XP. My network is a simple home network with about 5 machines total. One of the machines on the home network is a NAS Server box. Now on the other computers on the network (all running XP) they are able to see the NAS Server and its shared folders/resources. When I try to use Samba on my Linux box, I can see the network but not access it. When I open Samba shares it shows the network name and an icon. When I click to open it, the cursor goes to hourglass, then finally comes back with a timeout error. Now on this same Linux box, if I use the Virtual Image, I can see the network shares fine. So in essence the Linux box is connected, and Samba should see the resources, but for some reason it is not. And the other part I was wondering is what is the equivalent of file sharing in Linux? Does everyone just use Samba? Or are there different protocols or something? I think I was reading in the documentation for the FreeNAS server about NFS? Thanks!

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    Samba Issues

    I think I must be missing something. I scrapped my NAS box and decided to setup a Kubuntu system on the 1GB USB drive. It seems to work, but I am having the same problem with Samba again. I can set it to view the network, and when I go to Samba shares it will see the network, but will keep having a timeout when I try and view the network. There must be something I am missing as this is the second box that can not view the network. Also, in a case like this where I now have 2 Linux boxes on the network, how do I get these 2 boxes to see each other and share files?

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    (I believe ) that Samba client installs by default, but the Samba server does not.

    From Linux box if you see the network and can connect then you are using the client.

    From linux box if you wish to share resources then install the samba server. If you right click on a folder you can enable sharing. Ubuntu will recognize that software needs to be installed ans ask for permission. Yea ha!

    They've taken most of the work (tedious script editing) out of process these day. It should work just like in Windows or Mac (or even Linux ).

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    Ok that sounds good. But the real issue is that I can not even see the shares already on the network which is a problem, since I can't connect to the other boxes, and also this is how I plan on getting all the data off the network and onto the storage. Any other ideas? Or a way to say RESET all the settings concerning SAMBA and the network settings on the computer?

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