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Thread: edubuntu on mac

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    edubuntu on mac


    I installed edubuntu on an iBook (orange clamshell).

    It worked fine at first. I shut it down (I have no battery in the laptop). The next time I turned it on it said this:

    You are required to change your password immediately (root enforced)

    I did so, and the next time I turned the machine on it said that it would not accept the password change saying "I needed to wait longer to change it..."

    Any thoughts?


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    Been there, done it.

    Amuse the OS by changing the password. Toggle it for now between two pwd's.

    Run all updates, reboot, repeat until done.

    Problem solved.

    Note: I didn't see this on an install of 5.x on the "toilet seat" iBook. Should reinstall on it with 6.x to verify. I did experience it with a power book with 6.x. My iBook (White 12" PPC G3 - 500) installed 6.x with only a few issues but not that one.

    Please post your results.

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    I did change it and then it wouldn't work.

    Im in the middle of a reinstall. I'll run all of the updates this time before rebooting.

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    I only experienced it for the one install as mentioned.

    Good luck and thanks for the update.

    As a side note, I never found any references to getting the airport (wireless for none Mac folk) to be recognized.

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    reinstall problem?

    I reinstalled and when I logged in I got a bunch of windows stating that various things did not install correctly, etc... 7-8 of them, I didn't read them as I closed them (sorry probably conditioned response from dealing with windoze)...

    Anyways I can't get this thing online (it worked fine on the dell c400's I loaded).

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    Major head scratch!

    Ubuntu 6.x for PPC on Mac did not install, right? i386 on Dell did work.

    Using it as a live CD did work but the install did not.

    Oh yea, do you have sufficient memory per the requirements? I would not try it with less than 128 MB.

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    Checking the equiptment first

    I loaded edubuntu again but I could not get the machine on the internet throught ethernet and a switch at work... I wasn't confident the port worked so I reloaded OSX.2 and still had the same problem.

    I brought the machine home and hooked it up with a cable to my netgear wireless and it worked fine.

    I checked the RAM like you said and I have just enough... I decided to try ubuntu's alternate version for less than 190 RAM. Im burning the disk as i type this and I will insall it and let you know if I can get onto the internet to update after it's done.


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    If you get the airport card working, then good for you and please share.

    I did look into it and a team was working on it but it was very beta. I tried their drivers but could not get is to scan and see any wireless stations.

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    Calling it quits

    I tried the abbreviated version of ubuntu and it would see the ethernet (turns out it was my cable - duh).

    Loaded OS X.2 to figure that out Machine starte freezing.

    Loaded edubuntu again. This time it accepted the login and then it rebooted. After several rounds of this I loaded OS 9.2. It loaded extremely quick. I wasn't sure it installed correctly!

    Seemed very stable so I put it on ebay today.

    Thanks for the help.


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