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Thread: ubuntu crashes

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    ubuntu crashes

    ubuntu crashes fairly often lately. the mouse will still work and the keyboard responsive, but everything on the screen is frozen. occasionally the buttons will light or respond but once clicked they're frozen.
    i am running dapper drake 6.10 64-bit anything would help.
    i run XMMS often, could this be related... i dunno

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    This happened to me a few days ago as well. The only problem was, I had to so much editing of configuration files and boot-up/shut down that I didn't know what the problem was. I just re-installed. So what's your story?
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    i found out it has something to do with my harddrive. it like stops working in the middle of things and doesn't start up again. I noticed this when i bumped the computer and a song i was playing started playing again. it stopped and crashed finally but it is definitely because the harddrive stops. the drive is about 92% full, could that be the issue? has anyone else had this happen or is my hd just crapping out? anyway thanks in advance.

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    sounds like your hd is getting to god's waiting room..i'd get to backing up your data soon.
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    you should scan your harddisk and fix errors if any. down fixing utility from website of your harddisk manufacturer or try UBCD.

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    try this

    you need to check your hard drive, I would us the SMART- yes i know its stupid, but just check with it. If it good back up data, still.

    Next you need to copy your harddrive data, i would use the "dd" command, use google to find out what "dd" is. you will be thank full you did.

    Next update your kernel in the the repostiors and make sure you have the right one.

    oh ya, are u over clocking?

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    ubuntu never gave me any problems and the hd is pretty new so i had the feeling something was up. so i installed Firestarter so i could configure my firewall. after doing so i noticed a bunch of DoSS attacks over a period of a few hours that i was connected to ktorrent. i figure someone was looking for victims and found me. once i blocked those ports i haven't had the problem since. they were using about 3 different attacks on me so i found this program that kills the packets that are send from the attacks called zombie scapper. i don't know if i got it to work during an attack but i haven't had the crashes for about 12 hours now so i'm feeling good. thanks to all.

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