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    Item: IEC958 Optical Raw [Off]

    (Copied from alsamixer):
    Card: SBLive! Value [CT4871]
    Chip: Cirrus Logic CS4297A rev 4
    View: [Playback] Capture A
    Item: IEC958 Optical Raw [Off]

    I've been having sound troubles for the past couple of days. As it seems most of the Linux n00b's do. I've narrowed my problem down to this:

    "IEC958 O" had to be "Muted" in alsamixer in order for me to hear anything.

    Now from what I've been reading, this keeps the recorded or playback signal from your CD/DVD player in the ''digital format'' longer, (before it gets switched to analog) and acts as a 'standard' to keep all the digital signals "playing nice" with each other.

    If this is true... Why does it have to be disabled / muted in order for me to hear anything...?

    And will it hinder me from recording / burning anything?

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    i dont think it should mate...
    because of hardware makers not releasing drivers or details for cards many bits of hardware, then opensource guys have to reverse engineer drivers that aren't fully featured like windows drivers or are a bit quirky. this might be a quirk case.
    shouldnt prevent you from ripping or burning tho...
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    Thank you cayalee,

    I'm only less than a week into this linux conversion. So far so good. I'm liking the controll I have over things. ("typical class "A" personality!) And the freedom to do tweak as I please.

    But as with anything new... I'm going to have loads of questions. And I want to know "WHY" and how, something "does what it does". "Just because I said so" never did cut it with me.

    So, thanks for the detailed answer. And I'll keep on tweaking.

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