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    Opera and Java act funny together...

    This is kinda weird, anyone have the solution?

    After a fresh install of the Sun Java's bin packages through Ubuntu's repositories, and making sure Opera knew to use this new Java (you to go Tools, Preferences, Advanced, Content, make sure the Java file path works, all that fun stuff), it was ready to go.

    Over on AlbinoBlackSheep, I played there little slime volleyball game just to make sure Java was working with the mouse and everything - yup, I thought I was good to go.

    Later in the day, my little brother tells me the Internet is broken (lol that's how most people put it). He is playing a game called Runescape, which is Java dependent. No problem, I go see what's up...

    I let the game load, then I try to sign in his name. I got past the "login" button, but when I had to type in a user name and password, it wouldn't...

    I screwed around and later found out that I have to be holding down the mouse button for any keyboard input to be found in the game... wth?

    I have to hold down the left mouse button to make any sort of keyboard input... That doesn't make sense.

    Is there something I can do about this? I haven't gotten any error logs recently, so everything seems to be OK... Maybe there is an option in Opera I missed? Help would be greatly appreciated

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    how does it run in firefox/konqueror/epiphany? if its constant problem across the board then i'd suggest checking over your java settings, but if it's only opera, then it might be worth checking on their site, might be a known issue with a work-around...
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