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    Question Should I or should I not...

    Okay, first time posting...very minimal exposure to linux...

    I decided a couple days ago to do a dual boot of XP and Ubuntu 6.10. I didn't want to lose all of the files I have in the ntfs format so I opted to install Ubuntu on a slave disk by itself. All worked well and for the last few days I have been playing with it and installing things. Well, I decided customization of the Gnome desktop was definitely for me and installed Compiz/GL Desktop. Everything was fine until I thought an update to my nVidia driver would be a good idea...bad idea. Screwed up everything. I've changed so many things in .conf files and such, I can't remember how to undo what I've done. The regular desktops go to solid white when I load them...obviously not a good thing. I can only get a working system by using the Gnome Fail-Safe mode.

    So now I'm presented with a problem. I cannot afford to have my XP drive become unrecognizable and since GRUB is over there, I am afraid to attempt a reinstall of Ubuntu. Will the boot loader become confused if I allow the live disk to wipe the slave drive and reinstall Ubuntu? Optionally, is there a way to uninstall compiz and gl desktop fully?

    Suggestions, helpful hints welcome...

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    hi auralfreq,

    Welcome to the LinuxForums.

    i dont know about Compiz or XGL thing but Ubuntu re-install wont create any GRUB problems. installer will install new GRUB and you will have dual boot setup as earlier.

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    Excellent! Thanks for the quick reply and the welcome mat.

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    compiz/beryl has its own section in ubuntu forums (or did last time i checked) so might be worth checking there for help, as for your dual boot you should be ok, as casper said it should just create a new version of grub and setup as before. if not dont panic 'cos you can fix it dead easy!
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