Ok so I found a way to get Kubuntu running on a USB in persistent mode, and after almost a day of learning, fiddling, and customizing, I have gotten a good handle on using FDisk and some major command line usage. I have also been diving into the whole boot sequence etc and understanding how it all works. Now my problem is that I am planning to use this distro as a server box. A server is not very secure when the root password is blank. Is there a way to change this password? Also the User Management interface seems to be broken. Is there a way to manage users through the command line? Lastly, when setting the USB up, it is partitioned into 2 parts. 1 Being a 750MB (approx) for the operating system, 2 being 250MB (approx) for the casper-rw partition. What I am not sure of, is if I make changes to the system (being in persistent mode it will save those changes) will it save them to the 750MB partition and take up more space leading to the potential of the drive being full and no longer saving? Or does it save this information to the second partition? The only reason I am wondering is if it gets saved to the first partition, then I will make the first partition much larger to accommodate for the extra space I will need to install multiple programs.