I'm having a problem running Ubuntu 6.10 I have a "server" set up PC with new hardware and I've installed (and re-installed) Ubuntu many times always with bad results. LiveCD runs fine and the install executes successfully (most of the time) I can even run updates to bring everything up to speed. The problem is after several days, the server begins to get flakey and too slow, and after a week it freezes altogether (it reminds me of the old Win95 systems) . this requires me to restart the machine (hard boot) several times before it get's back to normal again. This is unacceptable as the machine has to be up and running 24/7. I have no other software installed on the machine aside from Ubuntu 6.10 My theory is that the hardware is too new and Ubuntu is not yet stable on this setup. Has anybody had the same experience? I've checked on the net and nothing definitive has come up.
My hardware setup is:
Austek server motherboard P5MT
Pentium D 2.8Ghz
Western Digital HD 160 GB

As a comparison test, I installed WinXP on it and everything was working fine. I'd really like to use Linux on it wether Ubuntu or otherwise. Can anyone help? much appreciated