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Thread: Dapper + Beryl

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    Dapper + Beryl

    out of curiosity I installed Beryl + XGL. Installation went smooth but strange, after "beryl svn" splash screen appears, when I just move my mouse around it crashes.

    If I put my mouse cursor on the window titlebar, then caught after the splash screen fade out, I can move the window and see the wobbly effect and the cube virtual desktop. When I release my mouse button and move it, it crashes.

    Any idea? also I need to know where does beryl put its error logs?

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    How does it crash? Can you still Ctrl+Alt+F1 to console or is it a total lockdown?
    What graphics card do you have?
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    The beryl logs used to sit in your home directory as .beryl-log afaik but I can't find any in there at the moment. What version of X are you using? Have you tried running AIGLX instead?

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    Not freezes but the X server just bailed out like that, and it went in to the logon screen again.

    As fo AIGLX, i've just upgraded my ubuntu with new fixes (dapper patches) and the patch includes the kernel. AIGLX need a specific package for specific kernel number (I forgot which one), said it can't find any when I run apt-get.

    As for the log I can't find any beryl-log in my home folder.

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