I'm trying to get an old DELL box (here at work) up and running on the net,
but I need to install drivers to make the after-market network card work.

The card came with a small CD which contains a buncha Windoze drivers,
but I also see a folder called Unixware7
(and another called SCO5, if that means anything to you..)

In the Unixware7 folder are a read me file, and a 28k. file named fastnic.pkg
which Properties tells me is MIME type: application/x-extension-pkg
The readme file is pretty much Greek to me, suggesting UNIX commands,etc.
that I've never seen on this Ubuntu forum!!

Hopefully, this 28 k. file is the secret to unlocking the network card function,
so I can get on the net and start the upgrades that this new install will be needing.

I have now copied both the readme and the fastnic.pkg files to Desktop for easier handling...

Any suggestions as to how I might make this thing work??

I've tried poking around Synaptic Pkg.Mngr. and Add/Remove
but see no obvious ways to get either of them to work on the little fastnic.pkg file.

Tried restarting the machine with CD in the tray,
in the hope it might pick it up and start some auto-process...nawwww.

I suspect I'll need to type some magic into 'my beloved Terminal' to make it work
so any code suggestions are welcome so I can give that methodology a shot
(unless there's an alternative non-Terminal way..)

Instructions pasted in from the readme...

Fast Ethernet Controller Provider Inc.
PCI 10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter

UnixWare7 Driver Installation

Copyright (C) 1999 Fast Ethernet Controller Provider Inc.
All rights reserved.
************************************************** **************************

Installation Procedure

1. Login to UNIX system as supervisor (root) and enter the Maintenance mode.
(Note: Make sure that the current directory is "/"
using UNIX command - pwd.)

Please follow the following steps to copy the package file:

> cd /tmp (and inserts the package floppy in the proper drive, i.e. a
> doscp a:/unixware7/fastnic.pkg /tmp
> pkgadd -d /tmp/fnic.pkg
2. Run "netcfg". Add the desired chain. The driver will be called as

3. When the chain has been configured, select 'q' from the
netcfg menu.