I've had firestarter installed perhaps five times and after a while it just becomes too frustrating. Have read the manual, have tried as many of the set up options as I can think of. It blocks everything in and out bound or I shut it down and surf the net. Running pppoe on adsl. If pppo works then ppp1 will not accept running two funtions. Most of the time there are six or seven functions loaded up, pppo, ppp1, ppp2, ppp3, etc, and none of them setting policy, which I can't really get going.

I have firestarter set up and running well on other computer amd64bit dapper kubuntu and it runs great. It was so simple, just run the wizard and I was in. I've been working on this for several weeks and running naked all the time I want to actually do something.

Can someone give me hand with this. I'm about three months into LInux and find it interesting and challenging and it gives me a feeling of being free and in control. But I believe I need this firewall. Have tried a couple of other firewalls and they won't even install.