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    Ubuntu Install Problems

    I only recently decided to switch from Windows to Linux. I was told by some of my friends that Ubuntu was the easiest to use and was the best to install. I'm having some problems with the install though, I've burned the installation CD, set up the BIOS to read from the CD-ROM first, but when I start my PC, it I hear the CD-ROM drive spinning and reading, but after a few moments it simply begins to load windows. I need help on how to solve this problem if anyone knows what i could do to stop windows from loading or how to uninstall it completely or even how to just have the Ubuntu installer to start in the first place.

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    i don't know how much you know about computers and what not so don't take offense, i don't mean any.

    What you downloaded and burned on the CD is called an ISO file (or CD image). You need to burn that file onto the CD a certain way so that the computer will see it as a bootable image. You can use a program called "Nero" but there are several other ones you could find on "" (i am not sure if Nero is free, but i would recommend checking into it first). If Nero is not free goto '' and search for ISO Burner.

    Do not burn the file as a bootable disk. Burn it as a CD image, and it should work.
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    Well, I tried taht, but now it will run the disk, but it goes to a blank screen, that says in white letters "operating system missing" I would really like to know what's going on, do i need to uninstall windows first? If so, how do I do that?

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    Here's a link you can check to make sure you burned your ISO file to disk properly:

    You shouldn't need to uninstall Windows.

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