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    Can't install Ubuntu..

    Hey there everyone, I decided to put Ubuntu on my computer yesturday and from that moment I've had nothing but troubles. I am completely illiterate to the Linux OS, but have a basic understanding of Windows XP. Using my knowledge and reading up on forums I came to the conclusion that I would be able to have Windows and Ubuntu on the same machine, using my two hard drives.

    I have a 160GB Seagate and a 80GB Maxtor, and I have formated both. I partitioned the Seagate into 20GB (for Windows XP) and 140GB (for Ubuntu) and left the Maxtor as a 80GB(for Windows XP). I used the Seagate DiscWizard to partition and format the drives for Windows XP (20GB on Seagate and 80GB Maxtor), and left the 140GB 'unpartitioned'.

    I have successfully installed Windows XP and downloaded Ubuntu 6.10 and 6.06. I have burnt both @ 48x and 8x. Everytime I put the CD in and reboot my computer it comes up with the menu saying "Start or Install Ubuntu; Start or install ubuntu in non graphical mode; check disc for errors; etcetc". I have selected the install ubuntu and install in the non graphical mode (or w/e it's called) and each time it loads for about 3 minutes then just freezes with a blue/green fuzzy line across my screen and the ubuntu logo.

    Any help on how to resolve this issue would be appreciated .

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    i'd still try reburning the disc, if that doesn't work re-download the file and re-burn. If you don't have CD-RWs i'd just re-download and re-burn.

    If that doesn't help try the 'Alternate Install CD' (scroll down a bit)
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    Done everything you just suggested mate , thanks for your help though. The alternate CD install gets a bit further then the normal CD, but it says it cannot install "Software and Programs Install" or something along those lines. Then it says to select an action from the install list :/. I went to the next step, only to have some jargon come all over my screen saying that the X wasn't installed.

    The most odd thing is that before I formated my computer, I used VMWare and had no troubles at all..I got to install it and it worked fine..

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