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    linux vs MAC OS X

    Hello people

    Here's a newbie to the forum. not a newbie to linux however. now i have a very big dilemma in front of me and i came here to get some help.

    for 4 years now i have had a mac with mac os x of course. however it has decided to give up on me. i mean the videocard is gone nuts and don't even get me started about the the fact that it just switches off by itself.

    now i am about to buy a new computer and was wondering if any of you gentleman would like to help me decide. i can go for either a new mac book pro. or , or wait for this... an IBM thinkpad t 60p. now the only thing is that you have to admit mac os is beautiful to use, but i kinda wanna get back to linux, but i am not fully convinced about this choice. someone please help me. and if i do change to linux is there anything closer to mac os than ubuntu or debian?


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    I guess it's just a matter of opinion. I like osX but I love linux. If you just want the look of osx, then you can easily get themes for the gnome desktop to make it look pretty much exactly like osx. There's a good tutorial here: It sounds like a lot of work, but I had my desktop looking like a mac in about 15 minutes (that was also my first time learning about how to install themes).

    It's all just your preference

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    I think one thing you should note is that linux can be used on both Mac and PC's (as I imagine you are well aware). If you have any intention of using Mac's ever again then definately choose the Mac. If like me you really don't care and would rather use linux, or think you can use Mac's later then the PC is ideal.

    To be totally honest, Debian/Gentoo/Ubuntu they're all using the same desktop environment... GNOME. There are plenty of custom themes with GNOME and you can make your own ( and never underestimate Beryl :P.

    Good luck with your computer choice and apologies if I have repeated stuff you already know.
    That's my two pence worth.


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