Hi. I just need a little help if possible.

First of all I'm quite new to the whole linux thing so you may find my questions silly but I need some help anyhow.

I'd like to get the Kiba Dock but I can't find any howto. I followed the link bellow but I got a response that your blog has been removed.

I don't know if it's important but I'm using Ubuntu+Beryl+Gnome. I read in various threads in other forums that Kiba Dock works with KDE. Is that right?

If possible please provide some instructions or howto for the Dock... and remember.... I'm still a newby

P.S. Feel free to email if you want to. And also I'm online in the MSN almost all day. Thanks in advance

P.S.2 I know that there is a relevant topic for Ubuntu distribution only but I didn't find anything relevant there.