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    K/Ubuntu preferences

    I am running Kubuntu and I like it a lot. It was very easy finding how to allow log in as 'root' and making the changes but I have a problem getting my preferences to be "sticky" when I log in as 'root'.

    After logging in as 'user', I set the splash screen DESKTOP>>SPLASH, for REDMOND 2000 which uses Preview.png (notice the capital 'P') as the splash screen while loading the KDE desktop essentials during start-up. I set my mouse preference for double clicking to open a file and that also works fine.

    When I log in as 'root' and try to set the same preferences, the system REFUSES to save them and I get the preview.png (notice - NO capital 'P') splash (which my OLD eyes can barely see) and no double clicking to open a file with the mouse. DESKTOP>>SPLASH displays the Preview.png picture but it is never used. MOUSE also displays double click to open file but IT never works.

    I don't have much hair left to pull out so I hope someone can help.


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    1./ This is MY computer. When I need to do a lot of ADMINISTRATIVE things to set up my Software Defined Radio programs, I WILL to do them as root and switch back to user when everything is working and operating the SDR is an everyday thing.

    2./ If I was willing to have Wily (Emperor of the Universe) Gates dictate how I must do things, I would still be using Windoze.

    3./ "It is not logical, Jim, that I be able to do something as a user and not be able to do it as root".

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    No need to respond like that. aysiu was just trying to help.

    Logging in as root is a bad thing. Use sudo when you can - you should have no problem using sudo to get done what you need to.

    Plus, if you're only using root to do admin things, why worry about screensavers?
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