Well, okay, a little pre-emptive:

I'm using Winamp for a specific plug-in that normalizes audio in real-time. I do not like ReplayGain for Amarok, nor do I like the XMMS player at all. For any of those asking, "Why don't you just use..." it's because I want to use Winamp Sorry to be so blunt, but after searching Google for quite a bit, I've noticed a tendency for people to ask this completely unhelpful question over and over again, and it's driven me insane because the majority of the time the original question is never actually answered.

Getting that out of the way...

As I said in the topic title. Winamp is for some reason not supporting mp3 files. They do not show up under the "supported media" file-list, nor will they be added to my library when I scan for files in my Watch folder. The rest of the standardly supported file-types open, but they do not play. There's a subtle difference between mp3s and the rest of these files; when I open any other file-type than an mp3, it displays the duration of the file in the player window, but that's about it.

Does anyone have any suggestions ( such as a real-time volume normalizing plug-in for Amarok, or other standalone mp3 normalizer programs like mp3gain ), or know of any guides or tutorials for getting Winamp running under WINE?