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    Wine correctness 14.5%

    distro: fedora core 2
    kernal: 2.6.6
    wine version: 20040615

    i found this at cause wine didnt seem to install a winecheck when i ran the rpm. i had to sudo it for it to run, im a linux newbie (almost a full week windows free and missing my games but still going strong) so please stick with me lol. heres what the script said

    ------------------------- checking miscellaneous stuff -------------------------
    001. Checking for root user... BAD (running as root might be insecure/problematic.).
    - ADVICE: don't run Wine as root unless you know what you're doing.

    --------------------------- checking Wine base files ---------------------------
    002. Checking for file "wine"... OK.
    003. Checking for correct .so lib config (please wait)... OK.

    ----------------------------- checking config file -----------------------------
    004. Checking config file access... readline() on closed filehandle CFGFILE at ./winecheck line 523.
    FAILED (/home/ryan/.wine/config does not exist).
    - ADVICE: it is ok in case you have ~/.winerc. If you don't, then you're in trou ble.

    --------------------- checking system devices used by Wine ---------------------
    005. Checking sound device /dev/dsp... OK.
    006. Checking audio mixer device /dev/mixer... OK.
    007. Checking MIDI sequencer device /dev/sequencer... OK.

    ----------------------- checking registry configuration ------------------------
    008. Checking availability of winedefault.reg entries... OK.
    009. Checking availability of windows registry entries... NOTICE (entry "Defau lt Taskbar" not found).
    - ADVICE: A Windows registry does not seem to have been added to Wine as this ty pical Windows registry entry does not exist in Wine's registry. A complete orig inal Windows registry entry set will *not* be available with a no-windows instal l. Usually this will present no problem in running applications although this ca n affect newer programs. Feel free to ignore this message in case you do use a W indows registry, but have the SaveOnlyUpdatedKeys config setting set to N..

    9 tests. 0 suspicious, 1 bad, 0 critical, 1 failed.
    Wine configuration correctness score: 14.25%

    what do i need to do to fix this up?

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    turns out i didnt need to run it as root... my score is now 15%, i still need help!

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