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Thread: .MSI files

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    Question .MSI files

    Hey all

    I just downloaded the steam installer from Welcome to Steam

    the file extention is .msi and since I am definatly a novice to Linux I checked up at Wine HQ and found out how to install an .msi file

    this is what the procedure is ,

    wine msiexec /i whatever.msi

    so when I type wine msiexec /i SteamInstall.msi in my console

    I get the error message :
    err:msi:copy_package_to_temp failed to copy package L"SteamInstall.msi"
    fixme:msi:MSI_OpenDatabaseW open failed r = 80030002 for L"SteamInstall.msi"

    I would be lying if I claimed I had any idea what this means

    any help would be aprieciated

    I am running Ubuntu 7.04 32 bit on my HPdv6000 AMD Turion X64 Duo

    2 gigs of ram , 185 gigs of Linux


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    The *.msi files are a bit tricky, so you should probably stick to using the *.exe file instead. You can download a copy here:

    AusGamers Files - Steam Installer Client

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    Thanks for the responce

    I have since tried the .exe version of the steam installer.

    I was able to install steam with wine , no problem I updated, downloaded the games and as soon as I tried to play

    the game dod and the other hl mods I tried all froze at startup.

    I disabled the graphics card temp so that I could install the right driver (the ubuntu standard one for nvidia seemed to not work with steam) \

    My computer was SCREWED! I was unable to even turn it on anymore, so I had to reformat right now im typing this on vista which I ****ing hate

    I want to go back to linux but need graphics support, I think Im switching to sabayon

    Oi, I love ska music more than anything I just need to put it out there that TUX with SKA written on him is funny as hell and just made my day!

    Oi oi Oi keep skankin

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