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    Yet another WoW question

    Ok, so I searched everywhere I could and could not find anybody else having this problem.

    Every time I start WoW with either opengl or d3d, it does not save anything I do! It doesn't even save my account name on the startup screen. I have to find my server each time. I have to change my resolution and other video settings each time (which I cannot do in d3d mode, because it crashes).

    I of course have the latent mouse problem in opengl mode but not d3d mode.

    In both modes I am getting a framerate of ~2fps.

    I added all the stuff to my that every "how to install wow with wine" tutorial says.

    I am running Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. HP Pavilion 751n. 1.8 GHz. 768 MB Ram. nVidia GeForge 4 MX 440.

    I change winecfg to Windows 2000, 98, XP, bla bla bla all the same. Same problem whether I enable or disable Compiz Fusion.

    Here is what my file looks like:

    SET gxColorBits "24"
    SET gxDepthBits "24"
    SET SoundOutputSystem "1"
    SET SoundBufferSize "150"
    SET gxApi "OpenGL"
    SET ffxDeath "0"
    SET ffxGlow "="
    SET lastCharacterIndex "2"
    SET UnitNameNPC "1"
    SET cameraView "4"

    I've tried it using SET ffxGlow "0" and I also had an entry before that set my resolution to 1024x768 but it didn't do anything.

    Anybody know how to solve any part of this?

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    I am having the exact same problem minus the mouse part. I cannot get ANYTHING to save on my file. I change resolution to something different, refresh rate, graphical settings, anything. It doesn't save and remember ANY of it. It doesn't save or remember my username, and realm list. I have to rechoose every single time I log in my login and realm from the list. I'm also not having FPS issue, mine is just fine.

    Someone out there please help us. We need to know a fix for this frustrating error.

    fyi here are my computer specs: Asus striker extreme mb, Nvidia geforce 8800gtx 768mb gpu, intel core 2 duo e6850 proc, corsair xms2 2gb ram,

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    New to linux myself, and I barely have WoW bearable enough to keep away from windows for the moment, I really can't help you with most of that, I doubt many people can without details.

    As for wow not saving anything you do, have you verified that the user you are running wine/wow under has edit permissions for your wow folder?

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