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    Link to application?

    I've installed Morrowind onto a machine running Kubuntu v7.10, and i'm trying to use Wrye Mash, a utility for Morrowind.
    Wrye requires python-2.5.msi and wx python 2.5 installed which i've done successfully.
    Everything is in the default installation path.

    In order to run Wrye Mash, i <Alt+F2> winefile - and navigate to c:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind\Mopy\Wrye Mash for Python 2.5.lnk, then double-click on the icon.

    Is it possible to make a <Link> on the desktop to the application - i've tried several combinations in the <Command> and <Work path> boxes without any success.

    All guidance will be greatly appreciated.

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    I could be wrong here, because I am just guessing, but I don't think you can create a shortcut to an application that needs wine or an emulator to run. It just sounds theoretically impossible. Someone correct me if I guessed wrong, please.
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    I have had no problem do create such a shortcut !

    file:///home/ ... /.wine/drive_c/Program&#37;20Files/ ... /xxx.exe works well.

    The unsolved problem is to create a shortcut to a document.

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    It's been years since I used desktop shortcuts, but my guess is that you only need to link to the exe file itself. Then, it's up to the desktop to determine which is the correct application to open that file (just like linking a .doc file should launch the word processor to open that file into it).

    You could also just write a simple bash wrapper script with something like:

    wine path/to/foo.exe
    And put it in the desktop instead.

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