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    Wine install problems


    I created this computer a few months ago back in the summer, and I have decided to put that expensive graphics card to good use. I am going to play a game.

    Well, I did my research and looked at tutorials on how to install wine. I did so. or atleast I thought I did.

    I went here:
    HOWTO Install and update World Of Warcraft with wine - Gentoo Linux Wiki
    (I use Sabayon(3.3), same difference)and followed the instructions down to enabling the USE flags. installed using 'emerge' and everything was peachy.
    On the first run of winecfg, i decided to set a window size.
    Dumb mistake number one.
    The second time I opened winecfg, I couldn't see the "O.k" and "Apply" buttons at the bottom. I spazzed out trying to get myself able to see those crucial buttons. Then, my system started to slow down. A lot. I hit CTRL-ALT-Backspace it got so bad, my music player was skipping.

    On re-log in, i try again to see what I can do to configure wine. and I get this:
    davidd@localhost ~ $ winecfg
    ALSA lib conf.c:3939snd_config_expand) Unknown parameters 0
    ALSA lib control.c:910snd_ctl_open_noupdate) Invalid CTL default:0
    X Error of failed request: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
    Major opcode of failed request: 1 (X_CreateWindow)
    Resource id in failed request: 0x4600007
    Serial number of failed request: 13
    Current serial

    what do I need to do so I don't shoot myself over spending $120 on a nice graphics card that does nothing but make my desktop wallpaper look nice and shiny?

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    Man u r funny,
    Anyway, i had had problems try to configure sound, that is the audio setting plus u need to setup the OS platform, and enable directx.
    When it come, to wine, u need to try wine doors if u can install it anyway, its more accurate. and will run most games.
    All the best


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