Paint Shop Pro 8 installs and runs but I can't get the tools to work. I got this error Unhandled exception: code = 200, what = unable to create the file.

I looked into wine's applications database and Paint Shop Pro 8 never works! But I've found something about it here : Compatibility - Tips and Tricks - Paint Shop Pro 8

This is a known issue which was resolved while under plain WINE by doing the following:

# chmod ugo=+rwx /tmp/Temp\ Files
# mkdir /tmp/Temp\ Files/JSC10024_[username]
# chmode ugo=+rwx /tmp/Temp\ Files/JSC10024_[username]

Where [username] is your linux login username.
I followed it but it didn't work at all! I still got the error! Any ideas? I'm using Wine 0.9.49

Do you know maybe the latest Wine 0.9.50 will be able to run Paint Shop Pro 8?