I'm attempting to run Everquest 2 using the walkthrough given on this form (*** Want to run EQ2 on Linux? Here is how I did it! ***).

Everything is setup correctly...nothing special, just the latest Wine (0.9.50), Direct X 9.0c, and my copy of EQ2, all running under Gutsy Gibbon. I'm a total linux newb but I'm getting there and I know my way around a computer.

With everything set to install, DX9 working, etc., I am continually stumped by this error, which I receive while trying to run Everquest2.exe (the game's executable file that bypasses the patcher, use per the link given above).

Here is a screenshot of the error, googling let me down:

Is there something blinding that I am missing or is this a problem specific to EQ2 (and thereby likely unsolvable as it seems no one else plays this game :P)