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    Program doesn't take into account size of taskbar

    I'm running PCLOS 7 (which uses KDE) on my laptop with 1024x768 resolution.

    I'm trying to run Irfanview under wine. Irfanview has been reviewed here:
    Wine Review: IrfanView 4.10 on Linux with Wine
    without noting any issues.

    My complaint is that whenever I open an image bigger than the desktop resolution, the Irfanview window extends all the way to the edge of the screen, i.e. behind the taskbar. (Thus the scroll bar is off the visible window area.) If I click on the fullscreen button (middle button of the 3 on the top right, as on any window), Irfanview moves to the correct position (bottom edge just above the taskbar), but I dislike having to do this every time I open an image. Irfanview correctly accounts for the taskbar when run in Windows XP.

    (FYI, I do *not* auto-hide the taskbar.)

    I have found that I can somewhat get around this by the following:
    wine explorer /desktop=name,1024x700 i_view32.exe
    But this has the effect of placing Irfanview inside a special wine desktop window, which isn't entirely satisfactory. For example, Irfanview can be used to open multiple instances of itself as an "external editor", but if it is inside a wine desktop then all the instances still reside inside this desktop, so I do not get separate taskbar icons for the separate instances.

    Does anyone know of any other way I can make a program like Irfanview think the screen has different dimensions, maybe by invoking it from within a script with some environment variable changed or something, so it won't extend to behind the taskbar when it runs?

    (One more thing to note - I'm not sure if this happens with any other wine programs because I don't run very many, and the few others I've tried are all smaller than the desktop so I wouldn't see this problem.)

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    Bug 9593?

    That kind of sounds like
    Bug 9593 – Photoshop Elements 5 tries to set the window size to the whole screen ignoring taskbar

    For completeness, can you tell me what
    version of Linux you're using, what desktop / WM
    you're using, and how many monitors you have
    / whether you're using Xinerama (if you know)?

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    Yes, this does sound like the same as that Photoshop bug. Although I don't know the internal of wine enough to know if GetMonitorInfo is the problem here. But the symptoms sound identical.

    Have you found any work-around with environment variables or wine options for the Photoshop issue???

    As for what versions I am running - I already mentioned in my original post that I'm running PCLOS 7 with KDE, but for completeness:

    PCLOS (i.e. PCLinuxOS) 7
    KDE 3.5.6

    The above KDE and wine versions are packaged by default into PCLOS 7, so I haven't done anything special as far as versions.

    As I said, I'm using a laptop monitor with 1024x768 resolution. I just have the one monitor. I had never heard of Xinerama but after looking it up on Wikipedia, it looks like it is used for multiple monitors which is not applicable for my setup.

    I have tried this with Irfanview 3.95 and 4.10, the latter currently being the latest version. Both versions give the same behavior in Linux, and both work correctly in Windows.

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    I also found this one:
    Bug 9901 - GetMonitorInfo returns wrong work area

    so apparently this is affecting quite a few programs.

    Anyone know a way to work around it?

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