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    Sooooo Close (maybe)

    Well, I dove in to put IE6 under wine 20040716, despite what other posts/sites have said about only earlier versions working.
    I followed the step-by-step provided by Frank's Corner, and when it was all finished and I ran in a terminal:
    wine "c:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE"
    the only response I got back was:

    fixme:actctx:CreateActCtxW stub!

    sounds like it ought to be an easy thing.
    Anyone know if it is?

    2 things that seemed odd during the install process:
    where Frank's said to rename "schl28c.dll" to "schannel.dll" - "schannel.dll already existed. So I did nothing.

    when checking for ambiguous files (same file except upper/lower case), it said ":no such file or directory" for dll's dispex, inseng, jscipt, scrobj, and shfolder

    Thanks for any help/thoughts etc.

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    Just out of curiosity...why would you want to run IE under wine?

    Edit: nvm...just read the end of the other post.

    Can you tell us what app this is that you *have* to have? Maybe we can find a replacement or workaround.
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    The app i *have* to have is called "ZipForms"
    I work in a real estate office, and this program contains any and all forms we may need to fill out for any transaction. Just a fill-in-the-blank kinda thing.
    I'm no programmer, but I have the patience to learn and work my way through obstacles. I'm just an end user who digs Linux for what it is, and would like to do my small part to further it along.

    Hey...If I'm missing *.dll's, can I just copy them from a Windows machine and drop them in to my fake_windows?

    -just a dork wishing he was a geek
    (unless 'dork' is some euphamism i'm not aware of for something truly unpleasant)

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    if you can get onto the windows partition and copy them over
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    well, I have no windows partition, but i'm on a network and maybe i can access from another machine, or just copy them to disc, I suppose.

    Any thoughts on the message:

    fixme:actctx:CreateActCtxW stub!

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    In things that are about to be implemented, or are noted by the devel, to not work correctly, i believe they are really basic in how they state something isnt working.


    I have seen that word everywhere when things havnt been implemented... so... seeing that really shouldnt get your hopes up: yet.

    However dont stress that alls lost quite yet, there should be more then one way to skin a cat, and as far as i know alot of programs need simple fix's like DLL's etc to work.

    If you end up googling enough i have seen alot of stuff working on wine. =D now just to get all that stuff to work on MY wine.

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    no solution in mind, but would recommed trying all the linux native browsers first, you might get lucky. But the real reson im posting is to tell you that a dork is a whale penis....
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    Try the guide on getting PSP to work in frank's corner forums: here

    There's a guide I followed to make IE6 work, it worked marvelously. You'll need the IE6 install files though (I ran the websetup on a vm-wared machine and copied them over).

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