I am trying to run Age of Mythology. It works perfectly, however when I run on my current X.org configuration, the mouse is always causing the camera to move to the right in the game.

This is happening because I have two screens setup on an 'intel' device driver. I run "Age of Mythology" on the second screen, (both of whom are 1024x76, but because of the way I had to configure X, it thinks my screen is 2048x768. Even though it only displays at 1024x768, it thinks its bigger. I can also confirm this by the fact that when I start the game, the loading screen takes up the equivalent of two screens, before resizing to one.

I want to run the game in full screen, (1024x76, but I have to run it in a virtual desktop, 800x600 at the moment, otherwise it has that mouse clipping issue. Other RTS games work fine, like Warcraft III, however this may just be because I also run that in a window.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can fix this?