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    Question How do I log into Wine as administrator?

    When I try to install certain programs in Wine, I get a message saying I need to be logged in as administrator. How do I do that? I tried logging into my root Linux account, but still got the same error. So, how do I log into Wine as admin? Thanks for any info

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    What program are you attempting to install/run? When you are running wine, you should always be able to run things with windows administrator privileges so I guess I'm confused.

    Just to be clear, I believe the installation is referring to a windows administrator and NOT to running wine as root. You actually shouldn't run wine as root, just stick to your user account.

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    Administrator Privileges

    If your application asks for Administrator rights.. File a bug with wine. H. Bostick: Sorry to say that sudo won't help you-- the program is looking for *Windows* Administrator privileges, not Linux root privileges. The cause of this problem is most likely a combination of 2 factors:

    The fact that Wine now defaults to 'emulating' Windows 2K by default,rather than Windows 98; and
    The fact that many Windows programs of a certain type, when they were updated to work with Win2K from previous compatibility with Win98 (which does not have an Administrator), began to require Administrator privileges under 2K and higher to install. This usually happens with utilities like defrag utilities or other scanners/blockers/repair utils that can be run as a service. This at least makes sense, as in order to run as a service, the application has to hook into the M(icrosoft)M(anagement)C(onsole), which is an Administrator-only system application. But I have, oddly enough, seen programs which would seem to have no use for administrative privileges require them on installation; recent versions of PaintShopPro are one example of this. The 'solution' is to tell the application that it's being installed under Win98 (assuming that the program is willing to install under Win9, rather than 2K. Since as far as I know, there is no implementation of Windows' fairly sorry implementation of user privilege separation in Wine (meaning that, afaik, you cannot become the Windows Administrator under Wine), the only other option is to go back to the 'good old days' where it didn't exist (Win9.

    Try running winecfg (I assume your version of Wine is later than 20050628, and therefore has the winecfg utility replacing the config file), and change your "Windows version" settings on the first tab (Applications) from "Automatically detect required version" to "Win98". If you don't want to change the setting globally, you could also add a per-application default for the setup by (on the same tab), choosing "Add Application", browsing to the setup for the app and selecting the installation executable. [...] (this will likely affect all setup executables with the same name, since the name is likely not unique [...]

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