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    Question Wine and infected .dll's

    I was having some issues with Wine and getting a windows version of Minitab statistical software to work. I was able to get Minitab to install and have used it successfully since. Since I use wine and pass files back and forth from Windows computers at my university I sometimes run Aegis antivirus to scan my home directory. Not that I am worried about it affecting my Linux laptop, but so I don't pass an infected file to my father (Who routinely disables his antivirus because it makes his computer "slow") or someone else who is not very computer savvy. Well since I have installed Minitab and used it a couple times, opened up some files I worked on in the computer lab at my university, I decided to scan my home directory. I came up with 3 infected .dll files in
    my .wine folder in several places. Two of them in my Minitab folder, and when I deleted the offending .dll, Minitab proceeded to stop loading. Apparently those were needed .dll's, and the other infected .dll file was in the windows/temp folder. So I deleted the .wine folder, removed wine completely, including Minitab. Rescanned my home directory, clean. Re-installed wine and scanned home directory, clean. Re-installed Minitab and scanned, infected! I find this all rather funny, and here's why. The files for Minitab came directly from the Minitab CD that I purchased at the university bookstore, as it is needed for my Biometrics class. I just copied the files from the cd to a local
    folder to run the install. But when I scan the cd it comes up clean. So either something is changing during the install of Minitab, or the windows files wine is generating are infected...??? hmm... Anyone else had lots of false positives with wine files and virus scanners?

    -Eric Jennings-

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    You dont have to Scan for Virii on Linux.
    Doesnt hurt your system.
    It will come up with False Postives
    New Users, please read this..
    Google first, then ask..

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