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    progress DB app in wine?

    Wondering if anyone can tell me if it's worth trying the following with Wine.

    I have a custom built windows gui that accesses a progress database running on a Win2003 64 bit server. The software installation is semi-manual and basically consists of the following:

    Copy the gui program's .exe to the desktop (or anywhere on the pc).

    Map about 5 shared folders on the server to various specific drive letters.

    Run the Progress DB OpenEdge setup (regular windows style installer).

    Add 3 lines to the services file in c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc (3 TCP mappings)

    Copy about 6 .dll and .ocx files to c:/windows/system32

    Run the command "regsvr32 vpectrl3.ocx" from a command line. (the .ocx file is one of the ones copied in the last line)

    I know I could map the Win server shares using samba, but then what to make the program running under Wine recognize them as the appropriate lettered drives? I'm new to Wine so I don't know if any of this is on the mark or not. Is there a /system32 directory within Wine to which I can copy the dll's and modify the services file? And will the regsvr32 command work?

    I'm using Suse 10.3 on an x86 laptop.


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    No sense in not trying it. If something goes wrong then you'll be one step closer to a solution.
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    Got it running, but very slowly. I'm not sure if that's Wine, Samba, or the very low wireless connection.

    Mounted the drives it needed using cifs, mapped them to the windows drives by creating symlinks to the mounted shares in the ~/.wine/dosdevices directory. Tried to do it in winecfg but it wouldn't let me name the drive letters, I just had to keep hitting "add" until it assigned the right one.

    The setup program ran but, while I was looking away, caused X to crash. Since the final program worked, I'm guessing it finished what it was doing before killing my session.

    Copying and registering the .dll's, etc went painlessly, although I figured out I had to append entries to my real sources and hosts files (not the virtual ones in ~/.wine).

    So anyway, end result is creepingly slow although I haven't had time to try to figure out why. Also the windows draw to not quite the right size and the widgets within the program itself are off-size. I was thinking there's something in winecfg about that though, will have to see.

    If anyone's got any tips or ideas I'd sure appreciate them.


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