My wife gave me a simple Cam-oculars from Restoration Hardware. The device comes with windows software for ArcSoft PhotoImpressions 4.0. There is no other evident way to download the pictures from camera to computer.

I saw on an Ubuntu forum that Photoimpressions runs under Wine on Ubuntu "with some tweaking" (not further specified).

I'm now on Mac OS X Leopard (after many years on Linux -- long story), so I got the latest Wine for Mac x86 leopard, installed it. The sample apps work fine.

No joy with Photoimpressions. Details follow.

Autorun.exe gave me a nice looking X11 window, with buttons down one side, labeled: "ArcSoft Imaging Software", "Install DC driver", "Browsing CD", and "Exit". BUT, the title bar has some strange boxes, triangles and Xs. A central pane also had some kind of strange hieroglyphics.

When I push any of the buttons (except "Exit"), I get a message box that says "Cannot find specified file: Make sure the path and filename are correct." "Exit" actually exits normally.

I tried running each setup.exe separately. Each runs installshield, and installs stuff (.dll, .exe and other) in the Wine C: Program Files folder.

BUT, when I try to run any of the programs I get an Error window to the effect: "Photoimpression exited with an error. Look at the log window."

The log window starts with some unhandled page fault messages ...

A USB probe shows the camera application on the USB port, but Mac camera downloading applications can't seem to see it. (Also, no joy on Mac fora).

Would appreciate any tweaking suggestions! Or pointers to documentation that might help me sort this out. I can give more information from the log window if it would be helpful.