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    complete WINE/Linux noob

    I'm sick of windows, I know virtually zero about Linux.
    I want to move to Linux but I have heaps of windows games I love playing.
    Namely COD4.
    Anyway this is what I wanted to know.

    Can I get rid of windows, run Linux and whenever I want to run a windows app/game just start WINE without rebooting? Will I still be able to play online thru WINE?
    I have a Logitech G15 keyboard & mx revolution kb/mouse, also a Microsoft webcam, how is it going to be getting all the right drivers? What about skype?
    I have heaps of questions.

    Also I'm a home user, what would be the best 64bit Linux version to run?

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    WINE works quite well but it is not perfect. Some things actually won't run at all. It's worth trying but to be honest if you game a lot it would be better to keep an XP partition.

    With regards to the keyboard and mouse, they will almost certainly work though may require some extra configuration to use extra buttons. Webcams are hit and miss. A huge amount just work but there are a couple of types that don't. I think the Microsoft ones work fairly well. You would be best to download a livecd, possibly Ubuntu and see how you fair with it. You won't need to install but you will get an idea of the feel of it and what works or doesnt' work.

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    Linux is a great OS !!!! But gamers still need to keep an XP partition as already mentioned.
    Remember that over 80% of the users are still Windows based, over 90& of the hardware is developed with Windows in mind.
    So there are some things that just will not work with Linux.
    As for wine, it works with some very limited windows programs. It's not the end all to Windows. Check the Wine HQ database for what programs work and in some cases you can get some help with setup of some of the programs.
    I am not much of a gamer, but have several Windows programs which there is nothing Linux native that I can use to replace them, so I use virtual software and run my Windows under Linux, no more dual boot.
    However that does not help the gamer, yet. Many technical things involved, many which are over my head so I won't even try to explain.

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    hey, working on installing City of Heroes with wine, and wondering about something. Whenever I get to the point where it says that it needs 2.3 gig's of space, iut says the partition is only 612 meg. I want to know how to change that, if you'd be so kind...

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