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    cannot install apps

    hi all ,

    I've prob here .
    when I try to install visual c++ (vcsetup.exe)in my opensuse 10.2 with wine
    It works and extract files and after a second it says unable to extract or something (dont remember this line) please check your permissions .
    and sometimes for other apps it says:
    could not load "C:/windows/system32/<filename>/

    what is the prob ?
    pls help !!!!!
    I'm new to linux (reallllllly new) and cannot understand most of the terms used.


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    could not load "C:/windows/system32/<filename>/
    Try to install it on windows and copy that file to linux in wine...maybe will work
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    I'm probably getting the same error, so let me amplify.

    I downloaded Microsoft's free version of Visual C++, file vcsetup.exe.

    I ran wine vcsetup.exe. It started execution and popped up this box:

    Extracting Files
    Verifying File: vcsetup

    Almost immediately, it popped up this box, obscuring the first. All I could do was click OK and exit.

    Extraction Failed
    Unable to find a volume for file extraction.
    Please verify that you have proper permissions.

    I ran the Linux strace command (captured with script) and this line:
    open("/dev/hda", O_RDONLY|O_NONBLOCK|O_LARGEFILE) = -1 EACCES (Permission denied)

    Now why oh why would wine be trying to open /dev/hda??? I don't know. But that's the only line I could see that looked like a permission problem.

    This looks like a wine bug. I'll try to search the wine bugzilla database.

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    Ah! This is bug 5351, which is caused by Microsoft's assumptions. It can be solved with the volnum command in the winetricks script. But I just used these equivalent commands:
    cd ~/.wine
    ln -s drive_c harddiskvolume0
    cd dosdevices
    rm c:
    ln -s ../harddiskvolume0 c:
    That got me past the first problem. But then I ran into the next:
    Setup has encountered a problem while trying to copy: ...

    I haven't scoped that one yet.

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