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    Wine Registry Permissions

    I'm trying to run the City of Heroes character designer in wine. It installed and runs correctly; however, it is in Korean and not English. The way to change this in Windows is to change a dword in the registry and to set the permissions for writing to that key as read only. Using the regedit that comes with wine I cannot find anything for permission setting. Every time the program comes up it resets the value back to korean. Any ideas to either a) disable writing to the registry for a certain command or b) set permissions for keys in the registry to read only?

    I did note that in the user.reg there is a number after the registry path. Is this maybe a number representing permissions?

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    You registered just to tell me that? Anyway, in Windows there is the ability to set permission to read and write to a certain entry in the registry. Since wine emulates the registry, is there any way to disallow write permission to a specific entry for a certain (or all) users?

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    The only thing I can think of is to wipe off the write permission from your ~/.wine/system.reg file. But that might cause problems since the program might want to write to the registry for other purposes...

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    Thanks for the advice. Yeah it wouldn't be a perfect solution either since I couldn't do any writing for any registry entry, so to do it would be a little hackey. I'll just run a VM of windows when I need it.

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