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    If everything is so well why doesn't xine or mplayer play my just downloaded movie "something.xvid.avi".
    Hard to tell without knowing the movie format, audio/video compression, FourCC, your player setup & supported codecs.

    First it wouldn't give me any sound, so I installed the divx codec. Then it gave me at least sound.

    1. DivX has absolutely nothing to do with sound, it is a video codec.

    2. xine doesn't use DivX at all. DivX is useless in Linux.

    No picture, I installed Xvid.
    Still no picture.
    xine doesn't use XviD either.

    You must know the movie format, audio and video compression. It also depends on how you got xine and MPlayer. They can be compiled with or without various features and some Linux distributions distribute crippled xine/MPlayer packages without any useful codecs so they cannot play anything. The best thing is always downloading the source code and compiling it with all needed features. Or installing full-featured binary packages, not the crippled ones. Also, if some Windows-only codecs are needed, they can be downloaded from the MPlayer website.

    How do you get .mov trailers played in Firefox?
    Install mplayerplug-in.

    Ok, I went to the sourceforge site. I'm convinced. I will though of the divxvid

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    Re: OK, Mr Professor J.M.. Maybe you can help me out then.

    Quote Originally Posted by deception
    How do you get .mov trailers played in Firefox?
    I use the mplayer plugin for firefox to run .mov clips. Works fine even on the apple trailers site. And considering the lengths they go to to stop you grabbing the files in Windows I'm really surprised MPlayer runs the clips and isn't blocked somehow.

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    Sorry, guys

    With Xine you have confused me with the thread starter.

    Just got my S/PDIF working, now dual head display on my tv screen and get mplayer to run my movie I will very happy.

    Thx for the help for getting the quicktime plugin for firefox. Will try to get it when I have my movie working.

    I will dump the xvid divx codecs which I installed yesterday.
    How do you uninstall these binaries/sources anyway?


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