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    steam mic support?

    im running ubuntu 8.04 + the latest version of wine in the repos but i cant seem to get my mic to work, ive tried all the sound drivers but to no avail. anyone know how to get mics working?

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    it depends what kind of mic you are using, open terminal
    if it is usb mic post output of lsusb
    if it is not usb mic, post output of lspci | grep -i audio

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    sry im a bit rusty with my terminal commands what exactly do i type in terminal, its not a usb btw

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    Regular mics which are attached to your sound card input should just work. Make sure you have enabled the mic/input on your mixer (i.e. it's not muted and volume is not zeroed).

    Does it work outside wine?

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    ok so ive got it taking input now turns out the mic itself had been chewed on by my puppy and i couldn't see that in the back of my desk :\ anyway thanks

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