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Thread: wineasio

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    i'm trying to get wineasio. Though of course u have to compile it. Though it requires a 32 header file which i don't have and the downloaded package for gcc gave the the files....except 64 header files instead. I can not find the 32 version of them anywhere in package manager and Google searches show little help.

    If someone could please tell me where i can get them or show me where i can download or send me a compiled version i would be a VERY happy man.

    thank you in advance.

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    So, you are trying to compile a program for x86 under amd64, if I understood correctly.

    If your system is a 64 bits system, you need to have a multilib toolchain to compile 32 bits binaries. All the related libs that will link against wineasio will need to be available in 32 bits versions (wineasio, being a 32 bits binary, can't link against 64 bits libs).

    The complexity and the concrete steps depends on the distro you are using.

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    its a bloody pain there is a fabled wineasio64 or wineasioX
    except i cant bloody find them.

    linux frustrates me the more is us it. I absolutly LOVE the package manager, but to get certain things running is 100 times more difficult. Trying to watch a dvd or rmvb required a lot of trouble shooting and all videos still look blue. This is a big thing. Heard that 64studio having wineaudio64. Not sure if its a .deb or still requires installing.

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