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    Pokerstars in Wine


    Ubuntu 8.04.

    There have been several updates for both Wine and Pokerstars in recent weeks.

    Before that the software seemed to work OK. However, during this series of "improvements", something broke in the sound system.


    Sound cuts out after something less than 1 second. As long as I keep
    the pokerstars window open no sound will play in other apps.

    Also, the video of other apps slows dramatically.

    Closing pokerstars window puts all back to normal.

    Pokerstars are pointing the finger at wine.

    Does anyone have a fix for this or even any idea of what can be the problem?

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    Sounds like you hit
    Bug 15302 – PokerStars sound issue - Slackware

    What's the most recent version of Wine that works?
    If you find that, say, wine-1.1.0 works but wine-1.1.1
    fails, that would help us track down the problem.

    Please reply in that bug report.

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    Pokerstars & WIne

    I'm afraid it's not that easy.

    Both Pokerstars and Wine have frequent updates. It is hard to put an exact finger on the working versions. Especially when you are grappeling with other problems, like essential fonts being deleted along the way.

    About the only thing I am sure of is that there is something incompatible between Hardy, WIne and Pokerstars.

    Pokerstars blame Wine. Wine blames firstly the lack of ALSA and, when that proves to be a red herring, they blame Ubuntu.

    The impression is given that nobody has a clue and that they don't care anyhow!

    The ironic part is that Pokerstars gets a Platinum rating in WIne!!

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